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Shipping and Payment Terms

Shipping Terms Shipments within Attica: 

 (Athens & Suburbs, Evia, Boeotia Prefecture, Eastern Attica Regional Unit, Western Attica Regional Unit)


Freezers - Refrigerators - Solar Water Heaters - Children's Libraries - Children's Wardrobes - Multi-cookers Pelle Stoves - Oil Stoves


Dehumidifiers - Sofas - Kitchens & Ovens - Beds - Home Inverter Air Conditioners - Dishwashers - Washing Machines - Washing Machines Dryers - Clothes Dryers - Sleeping Mattresses - Coffee Tables - Bedroom Chests of Drawers - Dining & Kitchen Tables - Desks - Office Chairs - Dining Chairs & Kitchen


Table Stoves - Kitchen Stoves - Karaoke - Soundbar - Kitchen Hoods - Vacuum Cleaners - Electric Grills - Sound Systems - Food Processors - Mixers - Blenders - Shoe Cabinets - Multi-Coffee Makers - Multi-Mixer Sets - Home Cinema - Ironing System - Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Ovens - Robot Ovens - Ovens Microwaves - Charcoal grills - Kalogeri


Electric Skates - Electric Bicycles - Children's Beds - Armchairs - Televisions Gas Stoves


Trimmer - Fans - Kettles - Rechargeable - Vacuum Cleaners - Vacuum Cleaners - Pots - Capsule Espresso Coffee Makers - Greek Coffee Makers - Filter Coffee Makers - Mobile Phones - Slicers & Grinders - Espresso Machines - Shavers - Razor Blenders - Steam Irons - Travel Irons - Frying Pans - Toasters Steam irons

All shipping prices include 24% VAT.


With our company's means of transport:
Shipping by carrier:
You can pick up your orders from our company headquarters at El. Venizelou 76 - Chalkida store opening hours MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY 08:30 - 14:00 and TUESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY 08:30 - 14:00 AND 18:00 - 21:00 after confirmation of your order and after consultation with the store that the products you have ordered are available and in the store.

Deliveries are made every Thursday with our own means of transport BY ARRANGEMENT and concern the areas of EVIA, VIOTIA & CENTRAL ATTICA (Municipality of Athens, Municipality of Byronos, Municipality of Galatsi, Municipality of Dafni-Ymitto, Municipality of Zografou, Municipality of Iliopoleos, Municipality of Kaisariani, Municipality of Nea Filadelfia- Neas Chalkidonas ) with shipping cost AFTER CONSULTATION.

Shipping with a transport agency of your choice or with the cooperating agencies of our company. The transport charge is borne by the customer, it is done after consultation with our company and concerns the delivery of the products to the customer's door (sidewalk).

Floor delivery incurs an additional fee depending on the agency.

Shipments outside Attica:

(Athens Athens & Suburbs of Evia Prefecture of Viotia Eastern Attica Regional Unit Western Attica Regional Unit)

For deliveries outside Attica, Athens Athens & Suburbs of Evia Prefecture of Viotia Eastern Attica Regional Unit Western Attica Regional Unit the products are sent at the customer's expense.
To an agency of his choice or in consultation with our store (our store does not charge for transport to the agency in Athens) and requires a deposit to our bank account.
With a courier company (courier**), transport costs upon consultation.

If your area is hard to reach (according to the ACS Courier hard to reach list) and you want us to send the package to your door, then you will be charged according to the ACS hard to reach destination list. Alternatively, you can collect from the nearest ACS store, at no extra charge.
The store has the obligation to contact the customer by phone and arrange the delivery time.
•Deliveries are made every Thursday.

Products To Order

Our products, depending on their availability, are divided into two categories: Immediately Available and Made to Order.
"Immediately Available", are products available in our company's warehouses.
"Made to Order" products are not Immediately Available and must be ordered from our suppliers or produced especially for you.
In particular, for the products of the Kitchen Furniture, Bedroom Wardrobes, Doors, Sanitary Ware, Tiles, Interior Furniture, Children's Furniture & Bathroom Furniture categories, you must pre-pay 50% of their value, upon finalizing the order.

These products cannot be returned, unless proven to be the fault of our company. I.e. a) Error in ordering b) Error in billing c) Error in shipping d) Damage during transportation by our own means of transport e) A manufacturing or cosmetic defect that will be covered by the product warranty.
In the above cases, you have the possibility to return the product within 14 days from the day of delivery, based on the conditions described in the paragraph Product Returns / Withdrawal of our company's Terms of Business.

Our company has the obligation to replace the defective products "After Order", assuming the return costs, as well as the shipping costs of the new product.
In the event that the return of the defective products is not made within 14 days from the day of delivery, our company has the right not to accept the return of the products and their replacement.

Product Returns / Withdrawal

To avoid your own inconvenience we would recommend that you pay attention at the time of delivery of your order to the condition of the sold product and the intactness of its packaging, in order to identify any obvious defects, such as incorrect product shipment, broken product, missing parts, etc. Returns of products that have been sold through our Company Website are provided in the following cases:

In the event of incorrect product shipment, which will be due to the Company or its suppliers, the customer will have the right to return the product within fourteen (14) days of receiving it. The product must be in excellent condition, unused, the packaging intact and the original contents included. In this case, the return costs will be borne by the Company.

Also, the customer will have the right to withdraw without reason and return the product within fourteen (14) days of receiving it, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. The product must be in excellent condition, unused, its packaging must be intact (closed) and include the original contents. In this case, the return costs will be borne by the customer.