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Free Measurements, Design and Presentation

As long as we now have the floor plan of your space, our qualified designers undertake, completely FREE of charge, the configuration in order to create functional solutions. In addition, in the design program you have the possibility to see your kitchen in a photo, even in three dimensions and in as many options as you can think of, so that the result is the desired one. Then, after deciding on the composition and coloring, you choose mechanisms for storage solutions, worktops, kitchen faucets and sinks, as well as electrical appliances. This is how the final price is formed in the context of your financial budget. See also our offer for Free measurement at your place The kitchen furniture, cupboards and doors showroom housed over three floors, and you can choose from twenty six (26) fitted kitchen units, ten (10) fitted cupboards and a wide range of fitted doors. Tel. 22210 22388 42 Meg. Alexandrou, Chalkida, Greece