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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance |

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Condition maintenance is a task that should be taken seriously! The reason is to ensure both the efficient operation of the air conditioner and the removal of harmful organisms that can burden our health!

In addition to the professional approach to all cleaning procedures, a qualified technician will clean the exchangers and the fan in the indoor and outdoor units with special chemicals (a procedure necessary every 2-3 years), while checking the pressures, the amount of coolant and will proceed with a visual and audio inspection to check the general condition of the air conditioner and make sure that there are no strange noises and that it is working properly.

You can certainly do some basic maintenance work yourself: 

Cleaning indoor unit filters.

Cleaning the indoor unit starts with cleaning the filters. Open the front cover of the air conditioner, remove the filters and wash them with cold water in the bathroom. If the filters are very dirty and have not been cleaned for a long time, use the indoor unit cleaner on them, let it work for a few minutes and rinse with cold water. Let them dry in the bathroom.

Indoor unit element cleaning.

Then spray the indoor unit cleaner on your air conditioner element. If the item is relatively clean, a simple spray should be enough. If the element has been cleaned for a long time and has caught a lot of dirt, help the penetration of the cleaner between the leaves of the element with the brush.

Outdoor unit element cleaning.

Thoroughly rinse the element of the outdoor unit of your air conditioner with plenty of water. There is no danger to your air conditioner from water, since all the electrical connections and electronic equipment of your air conditioner are placed in a sealed box inside your air conditioner.

If you regularly rinse the outdoor unit, cleaning with water may be sufficient.

Don't forget: The complete maintenance of your air conditioner includes several additional tasks.

These works must always and must be carried out by a licensed refrigerant and not by anyone.

If your air conditioner is damaged or you want to replace it with a newer technology and lower consumption, in us you will find solutions for all your needs at very good prices.